4. Services - Receiver and Administrator

Receiver is usually appointed to recover funds owing to creditors.Receiver can either continue to trade-on the business or realise some or all of the company's assets to repay creditors.

Appointment is legally performed by Commercial Court and Supervised by Supervisory Judge. Our firm has significant experience in this area and we have successfully been able to recover monies owed to creditors in cases where it was thought this would not be possible.

The main purpose to apply for the company under administration (PKPU) is to provide a company with a viable alternative to winding up where there is scope for restructuring its financial affairs.

1. This method of appointment affords directors the opportunity to consider making a proposal to creditors dealing with the restructuring plan for the company and an arrangement as to how it plans to repay or compromise its debts.
2. There is a moratorium on any outstanding debts. These measures provide directors with 'breathing space' to focus on the most effective means of resolving the company's financial problems.
3. Provides an opportunity for the business to continue trading in the future and allows for a greater return to creditors than would otherwise be possible.

Our firm as registered receiver and administrator has had vast experience with appointments of this type and assists in providing commercial and practical solutions.