1. Services - Insolvency & Recovery

Our firm has specialist expertise on providing the Insolvency, Recovery and Business Reconstruction Services. In these instances there has been a requirement for specialised financial and insolvency knowledge to assist in achieving successful financial recovery outcomes without the need of a formal insolvency (bankruptcy or liquidation) appointment. While the Firm, at that time, had some internal expertise in this area, many of the services were obtained directly from specialist external sources.

Gradually the Firm's involvement in this area grew and we were requested to assist in a broader range Insolvency and recovery related matter. The aim of this Services Division is to provide alternatives to a business, other than an insolvency appointment, such as liquidation or administration, identifying different options so that we can assist clients to identify and deal with their problems earlier, and at the least cost to the business, shareholder, creditors, and other stake holders

We can achieve this via restructuring of debts for companies whose current funding does not suit their requirements, by renegotiating a client's position with their financier or providing assistance to get a business investment ready.

A summary of the services offered by our insolvency and recovery division, include the following:


Our firm has a vast amount of experience in advising clients on appropriate financing structures for given asset levels.

Often businesses still have bright futures, but in current economic down turn conditions the companies have financial difficulties, so they cannot effort to pay either the interest or the principal of loans. Thus, our firm is able to assist business owner or directors to apply a debt stand still condition. Our firm has been registered as the independent administrator and has many experiences for this appointment.

Often business owners find themselves in situations where they feel that they are being unfairly treated by a financial institution, regulatory body or the like. In such situations our firm is able to assist business owners or directors in re-negotiating the most favourable outcome.

In conjunction with the expertise of the client's accounting advisors, our firm is able to provide specialised business services. Our 'Business Health Check' is an effective means of identifying the core competencies and value adding activities the business performs so that such activities can be refined to improve the 'bottom line'.

Our firm has broad network with global financial institutions, so we are able to assist our clients to obtain funding to meet short-term cash flow or working capital requirements. We have access to a wide variety of lenders, which allows us to find the most suitable source in light of the needs of the client. Moreover, we have deep knowledge and expertise to formulate the most suitable financial modelling and strategy to get the best cash flow results.