Services - Corporate Finance and Strategy

Are you facing critical corporate finance decisions?

  • Are you looking to build market share or defend your market position?
  • Do you want to expand internationally?
  • Are there subsidiaries or divisions that no longer fit your corporate strategy?
  • Could you improve your financing strategy and cost of funds?
  • Can you find alternative revenue sources through the sale of assets?
  • Is your business under-performing?
  • Is your company undergoing significant change?

The right corporate finance adviser can provide you with the financing advice necessary to meet these challenges.

Who is the right corporate finance adviser for you?
Are you looking for an adviser who can provide....

  • A consistent track record as the leading Financial Adviser
  • An understanding of local and cultural issues backed by international capabilities
  • Deep sector knowledge and experience
  • Impartial advice and Independent from Financing Sources

If so, our firm meets these challenges. When you work with us, you share our strength, high distinction technical skills, deem industry knowledge. If your goal is shareholder value, we help building a structure to take you there.

How we can help?
We can offer you independent advice on the full spectrum of corporate finance-related issues;

  • Corporate Finance and Control Advise
  • Due Diligent
  • Feasibility Study and Corporate Valuations
  • Finance Restructure
  • Financing advice for Debt and Equity restructuring
  • Fund Raising, such as Floatation and Public Offerings (IPO) or Issuing Bonds
  • Privatisation advice
  • Strategic Financial Advise

We help clients to identify and provide alternatives to deal with their problem via restructuring of debts for companies whose current funding does not suit their requirements, by renegotiating a client’s position with their financier or providing assistance to get a business investment ready.We help organizations achieve their objectives and succeed in the new economy through "Get the financial matter under control"